Am I enterprising?




Can I really do it? So much could go wrong.  I’d be better off with a steady job, a regular income. Why take the risk?’

Anybody with a business idea is probably thinking these things…


99% of people fail at this first hurdle.

Even considering starting your own business is so daunting, that most don’t get past their first barrier – fear of the unknown.


The world of business is  often seen as an exclusive area, only suitable for those with a university background or a well-off family or for those with plenty of money in their pocket so that the risks are low at worst.


But actually, in the year 2012, when Olympians are showing us each day that risk taking, dedication and self belief can pay off, should we really be put off business ideas because of what we don’t know?

The answer is No.


Very few of us are born with the total skill set necessary to start our own business, but this shouldn’t stop us striving for something we think is worthwhile.


Work hard, use the tools you learn through training and experience, and believe that you can do it.


Thomas A Edison once said that "genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration".  That person was right.