Employability Skills




It’s important to set yourself out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market.


You could improve your chances of finding a great job that you’ll love by coming on one of our courses.

At Enterprising South we are passionate about helping people to gain employment.

Jo Blakey has many years of experience helping the long term employed get back into employment.  She is currently working with Maximus, Southampton delivering applying for a job and interview skills qualifications.  As a result of her work she has enabled many people to find employment in a competitive job market.

At the heart of her teaching is the desire to help students make a difference to their lives.  She believes that aside from having the skills and experience, 'believing in yourself' is just as important in order to get a job nowadays.  As after all if you don't believe that you can do the job, how can you convince a potential employer that you can. 

She feels that at the end of her course she has done her job properly if students not only gain a qualification and get a job, but they also enjoy learning on her courses.

Throughout her courses she encourages a positive attitude, and gets her students to recognise their skills,

experience and achievements.  Students are then shown how to relate these to the job they are applying for.






Students are also asked to attend a mock interview in suitable interview attire and are asked realistic questions that are relevant to the job they are applying.  Students are also asked to reflect on their interview experience, and are then provided with helpful feedback.