Finding a job that is right for you


What can you do to be proactive?


There are three types of people in the world:


– Those that make things happen

– Those that watch things happen

– Those that wonder what happened!



Which one are you?


Jobs don’t fall into your lap, so go out and create opportunities …







1.   Think about the employers you would like to work for …


  • Is there a particular location?

  • Are they in a particular sector?

  • Are they large, small, medium sized?



2.    How can you get their attention?


  • Would sending a copy of your CV get their attention?

  • Or do you need to do something more creative?  With technology now – it’s easy to put together a short film using something like ‘Windows Moviemaker’ or your smartphone!

  • Follow companies through social media such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook for Job Hunting.

  • Start up conversations and even find out the name of the HR manager or the Managing Director! 


*Health Warning:  Be sure to Google yourself to see what comes up!  There are lots of cases where employers will not consider you if they see lots of drunken snaps!!!



  • Think about your industry – what would be of interest to a decision maker?  Could you send a sample of your work etc?

  • Be creative and imaginative!



3.   Set yourself goals each day

  • What can you achieve today?



4.    Is there something that you could do working for yourself?


  • Do you have a particular skill, trade or hobby that people would pay for eg. Hairdressing, nails, car valeting, catering, languages, web design, photography etc?  Almost anything can be turned into a fun,profitable business with a little bit of thought.


  • Have you thought of being a part time distributor or Party Planner such as ‘Utility Warehouse’, ‘Usborne Publishing’, ‘Avon’, ‘Jamieathome’, ‘Betterware’, etc. etc. (Please note:  You may need to be over 18 for some of these opportunities)


Ask yourself:  What am I assuming?

If you find yourself saying “I can’t because…”, or “I could do that but …” then you might be making assumptions that are limiting you!  STOP IT!  Those are barriers in your head – you don’t know what the response will be so why not try it?



5 Tips for Successful Job Hunting


  1.  Map your own skills and personal strengths

If you find this difficult to do on your own – ask family and friends to help you.


2.  Back up your skills & strengths - provide evidence/examples

Eg. ‘I am a good team worker because during my time in college/part time work I often worked in teams and learnt that good communication is key’.  (Remember, as a college leaver an employer won’t expect all of your examples to be work related but try to use your experience in college, in your hobbies, or even planning trips with friends etc.


3.    Use your work experience

  What has it taught you about solving problems, dealing with     difficult situations, working in a team, dealing with customers     etc.


4.    Gain more work experience

  Grab opportunities to work and gain different experiences!         Try college, family, friends, volunteering… or set up your own   venture – car washing etc!


5.    Find yourself a mentor

  Talk to someone you know and trust who already works in a     similar job, about the skills and attitudes that employers are     looking for in the kind of job you want. 


  Ask them about where to look for jobs and what their                 experience of getting a job was like?



Good luck with your job hunting!