A positive attitude encapsulates characteristics such as willingness to take part and openness to new activities and ideas.

Equally knowledge is a vital component of what makes you employable, e.g. practical numeracy and literacy, IT awareness and familiarity with commonly used software.

A positive attitude underpins and links together other key capabilities.

When you’re looking for a job, you need to be in a positive frame of mind so that you radiate energy and enthusiasm to prospective employers.



Did you know that changing your physiology (body movement) can change your mind-set?


Try this – stand/sit up straight, put your shoulders back and smile.  It’s hard to feel down now isn’t it?



Doing something you enjoy or something physical can cheer you up and put you into a more positive frame of mind.



Write a list now of 15 things you enjoy doing that make you feel happy.



When you’re feeling less than positive, do one of the things from your list and see how much better you feel!