Do you have the right mindset?




Habit 1 – Be a ‘can doer’

Think about what you want and what you can do to make

it happen!



Habit 2 – What’s your goal ?

If you know what you’re trying to achieve – you can work towards it!



Habit 3 – Prioritise!

What do you need to do, to achieve your goal? 

Tip – ‘the only way to eat an elephant is in small bites’!



Habit 4 – Think ‘win-win’ 

What can you do for others and what can they do for you?


Habit 5 – Assuming makes an ass out of u and me!

Listen and ask questions – never assume. Seek first to

understand and then to be understood.  Ask yourself

‘what am I assuming that might be holding me back?’



Habit 6 – Work with others for a shared goal

Who can help you achieve your goal and what’s in it for them?



Habit 7 – Do things that make you happy

Particularly if you’re not having a good day!







Anything is possible for you!  You just need to know what you want then work out how you’re going to get there….







10 tips for a Successful Mindset


In my quest to learn about the mindset of successful people, I recently read John Bird’s book as a ‘Quick Read’.  For anyone that hasn’t heard of John – he is founder of ‘The Big Issue’. I jotted down a few tips that hit home for me… 


John Bird, Founder of ‘The Big Issue’



  1. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

  2. Give yourself a label for what you want to become

  3. Aim big, get there small

  4. One of our most valuable rights is ‘the right to think for ourselves’

  5. Regret runs deeper than mistakes

  6. What is the one thing that you would regret not doing?

  7. Don’t wait for things to be perfect before you try

  8. Act instead of talking about it

  9. Don’t compare yourself to others

  10. Make the best of the worst


Taken from ‘How to Change your Life in 7 Steps’ by John Bird

How can you apply these tips to your life?

Olympic Fever’ took over the country in 2012, and with every medal came a story of individual and team success.

So what can we learn from the Olympic Athletes about what it takes to achieve success?

This is the mind-set that’s displayed time and time again by our inspirational medal winners:


  • Self-belief 

  • Passion 

  • Motivation 

  • Focus 

  • Hard work 

  • Dedication 

  • Commitment 

  • Resilience 

  • Tenacity 

  • Learning from Past Failures 

  • The Importance of ‘Team’

Jessica Ennis-Hill – Motivation

Bradley Wiggins – Resilience

Christine Ohuruogu – Self Belief


This is the mind-set we need to adopt to achieve success in any area of life.