We are very much of the opinion, as are many business organisations, government bodies and the general public, i.e. parents and carers of our young people today, that there is an imperative need to prepare our young people better for their future by equipping our young people with employability skills. 

Research for McDonald's said employers, government and educators were not supporting soft skills enough.

The report "warned that more than 500,000 UK workers will be "significantly" held back by 2020 by a lack of skills covering communication, time-keeping and teamworking, which can boost confidence".

"It was estimated that soft skills contributed £88 billion to

the economy, and will increase to £109 billion over the next

five years".

"Most employers believe soft skills are important to their

business and over half rated them more highly than

academic qualifications".

Neil Carberry, CBI director for employment and skills, commented: "Business is clear that developing the right attitudes and attributes in people - such as resilience, respect, enthusiasm and creativity - is just as important as academic or technical skills.

"In an ever more competitive jobs market it is such qualities that will give our young talent a head start and also allow existing employees to progress to higher skilled, better paid roles."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/pa/article-2909129/Many-workers-lack-soft-skills.html#ixzz4AhtCnk4J 


Only a generation ago millions of workers across Europe and

the United States were employed in coal mining, steel, textiles,

chemicals, shipbuilding, car assembly, consumer goods, and

manufacture etc. The type of work our previous generation did

required different skills to those jobs available nowadays.


In the past the majority of our workers left school and went

straight into unskilled employment in factories, and only a small

percentage – 7% went to University.  Often different generations

worked for the same business for all of their working life.


All of this is a thing of the past.  There has been a huge revolution in employment.  In the Western World today 77.5% of our jobs are in the service sector, and a smaller percentage of jobs, although it is constantly expanding, can be found in the Hi-Tec industry sector.


The employability skills required at work nowadays are more important than ever.  Furthermore job security has become a thing of the past, and our future workforce needs the tools in order to adapt to this changing environment in order to still remain employed.


Employability skills are therefore the essential building blocks which underpin success in working life.

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